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June 24, 2019
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July 9, 2019

Chris Grosser, the Sales Advisor at Tesla says “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” His statement stands ever so true for corporate conventions and business conferences.

Uniform logos on Promotional Items are instrumental to fostering brand recall at corporate meets. When done right, you stand to gain a robust first impression and a potential future customer or affiliate.

Here’s a guide to help you choose promotional items that promote your brand-logo at the next conference:-

Neoprene Range

The neoprene range is a favorite in the promotional items world. There are a host of options to choose from – mouse pads, laptop sleeves, pencil cases, coasters, i Pad carry bags and many more. Industry Uniforms is the largest wholesale supplier of uniform logos in Perth available across the range of neoprene items.

Custom Made Headwear

Uniform embroidery or logo designed into custom-made headwear is an attractive proposition as a promotional item. At industry uniforms Perth, we specialize in embroidering the uniform logo into headwear making spectacular promotional items. Usability of the promotional item increases its brand value.

Stock Bags with Printed Uniform Logos

Stock Bags are a great way to promote beyond the conference halls. Choose from a wide range of sports bags, waist bags, backpacks, canvas bags to print the company’s uniform logo on. The durability of a promotional item promotes both visibility and durability of the brand.

Mugs with Logos

Mugs merchandise have been commonly used at conferences as promotional items. Printing company’s uniform logo on a mug is a proven means of promotion. There are a variety of colors and custom designs to choose from with the largest uniform wholesaler and supplier in Perth.

Traveler Accessories

Traveler Accessories are a favorite promotional item for brands. They provide the highest brand recall as they make way into the daily lives of the receiver. Uniform Logos printed on traveler accessories like eye-masks, toiletries bags, business card holders for a great promotional item.

Wrist Bands and Towels

Wrist bands and towels complete with uniform embroidery logos printed on the items is a robust promotional item. At industry uniforms, you can choose from a wide range of items to encrust your uniform embroidery Perth of company logo on. This item falls under athleisure and friendly to use.

Industry Uniforms works with the largest brands in Perth and Australia to create a range of custom-designed promotional items that are best for your business. Leverage our expertise and partner with the largest wholesale suppliers of uniform in Perth to order your promotional items for the next conference.

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