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Commercial Cleaning and Need for Industry Uniforms in Hobart
July 16, 2019
Industry Uniforms: Evolution of Perception in the 21st Century
July 30, 2019

The very idea of “industry uniforms Darwin” has undergone a massive change with the advent of the 21st century. Gone are the days when the look of uniforms at workplace induced a yawn and a frown from fashion enthusiasts. Today is the day and age for stylized branded uniforms that make employees want to wear your company logo on their uniforms.

Industry Uniforms presents to you the largest collection of branded uniforms to choose from for your Company. We are the largest uniform wholesaler and supplier of uniforms and we guarantee to satisfy your need to make your employees look enticing in your brand colors.

Here are some factors which we keep in mind to ensure the branded uniforms we design best fit your brand and budget.

Comfort First

Unlike most newbie uniform suppliers in Darwin, Industry Uniforms understands the key to a great branded uniform is wear-ability and not style. Our first priority is to design uniforms that take into account the employee’s wearing comfort. To accomplish this aim, we select our uniform fabric with utmost care. Our obsession with the garment fabric ensures that the Uniforms are not just good looking, but make those who wear it comfortable.

Strength and Durability

Industry Uniforms are not fancy wear. Chefs who stand in front of blazing ovens for hours wear it. Security guards who stand in the heat and rain throughout the day wear it. We lose the point in designing branded uniform if we do not take into account the wear and tear a uniform goes through. At Industry Uniforms, we give strength and durability of uniforms a very high priority so that you don’t have to waste your resources on replacing uniforms frequently.

On-time Delivery

Industry Uniform boasts of being the largest wholesaler supplier of uniforms in Australia. The spread of our warehouses across continental Australia puts local uniform supplier in Darwin to shame. This huge network allows us to deftly manage our resources and deliver high-value branded uniforms at your doorstep well within your specified time. The money saved in maintaining retail chains helps us to give you a better rate which translates into more savings on your uniform purchase.

Experienced Guidance

Industry Uniforms is over ten years old. We have interacted with thousands of business units and have supplied branded uniforms to millions of satisfied employees over the years. This gives us a vast resource of experience and lessons we have learnt with time. We understand your pain-points and we understand your industrial requirement. We appreciate the urgency of delivery in hi-vis industry uniform requirement in Darwin vis-à-vis requirements of medical scrubs for healthcare industry.

If you run a business in today, there are hundreds of heads you need to be aware of. The changing markets and the changing preference of consumers are the metrics that earn your profits. Meanwhile, your branded uniforms silently convey the strength and promise of your brand. It is important that you do not stress on at least this one aspect of business operations. The ideal of Industry Uniforms is to breate a long lasting and sturdy partnership with your business and help you meet your industrial uniform requirement for times to come.

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