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June 12, 2019
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June 24, 2019

You heard it right.  Uniforms must be brought into fashion in corporate workplaces. White collar jobs have for far too long continued with visual discordance. It is time to add some uniformity to the corporate chaos. We bring to you the top 7 reasons why every corporate employer should consider introducing company-branded uniforms at the work-place.

Here are the top 7 reasons why we think Branded Uniforms should be brought back in fashion

Uniforms are Attractive

 A huge part of the Pilot’s appeal lies in the uniform. A Pilot not in his uniform is just another guy. Uniforms can become all-time favorites when designed rightly.

If you are wondering which uniform supplier in Melbourne to turn to then search no more. Industry Uniforms brings to you the largest collection of the best looking branded uniforms right at your door-step.

Branded Uniforms Evoke Trust in the Brand

Most of the world’s largest brands engage in the most effective branding technique ever. Their employees endorse their brands proudly on their uniforms. You can hardly think of popular courier brands without imaging the logo embroidered uniform cap on the delivery guys.

Your brand needs branding and industry uniforms are a great place for free human endorsement. Your customers trust you more when they see you more.

Uniforms at the Workplace Mean Employee Savings

Industry Uniform works with top fashion brands across Australia to bring to you an awesome collection of amazing corporate looks. Most of your employees earning go into buying an expensive corporate look. No employee can refuse a chance to save money on company branded corporate wear and spend it on their travel plans instead.

Industry Uniforms works with little or no-overheads. We operate through an Australia wide network of warehouses and offer prices no uniform wholesaler in Melbourne can beat.

Uniforms Boost Workplace Spirit and Productivity

Research has proved time and again that long hours are not congruent with greater productivity. On the other hand, uniforms have been voted a lot of thumbs up when it comes to boosting team spirit and feeling a sense of harmony at work; which is directly proportional to productivity.

The Baggy Green uniforms stand for sportsmanship and team spirit at its best. You cannot deny that branded uniforms or uniforms with logos are a first step towards fostering team spirit.

Uniforms State No-Discrimination Loud and Clear

In a multi-cultural city such as Melbourne, it is imperative that there is no discrimination based on age, race and gender. Workplace harassment is any Employer’s nightmare. Uniforms are a bold step towards declaring war on workplace discrimination. A uniform brings all divergence under the umbrella of equality through uniformity.

Industry Uniforms presents the largest fashion brands in the uniform industry under one roof. You can select from a wide range of coordinated workplace wear for both men and women. We suggest you involve one of your employees in the designing process. Our staff are always happy to help you with your queries and concerns.

Uniforms Bring Order to Chaos

There is a certain sense of assurance when you watch the Army on Parade Days. Imagine how different it would be if the same men and women were not in uniforms. Pilot Uniforms were introduced first at Pan Am to calm the first generation of air-passengers.

There is a certain sense of control and cooperation among men and women in Uniforms. And there is no way humans across the globe don’t deserve some peace and calm in the chaos of ever-changing technology and divergence of viewpoints.

Providing Uniforms Spells That You Care

In some ancient traditions, the gift of the thread is considered as the greatest gift. And ancient traditions aside, Industry Uniforms offers you a custom designed branded uniform at an unbeatable price. This small investment can reap exponential returns in terms of visual branding and employee satisfaction. Either of which is expensive and priceless.

In Conclusion:

There are several other top reasons to introduce branded uniforms at your corporate workplace but we shared those which resonate most with our existing customers. Leverage the knowledge base of our experienced staff members to design the exact representation of your brand in your uniforms. Our clients rely on our dedication to design and on-time delivery. We hope, once you receive your first uniform delivery at your office door-step, you too will.

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